Monday, 21 August 2017

Harleigh - 9 Months Old

I honestly can't believe that Harleigh is 9 months old. She has been on the outside for as long as she was growing inside me. In a way it feels like she was always here, she has fitted into our family so wonderfully but on the other hand I feel like she was only just born. 

The past month she has gotten so strong. She started crawling backwards and the day before she turned 9 months she finally crawled forwards. She still isn't very fast and still has to work at it but it is so cute. She has also learnt to give kisses which is the cutest thing. She will also wave but isn't very consistent yet. 

Still no new teeth although she has started teething again so maybe we will see another two pop up this month. Weaning is still going really well and she loves everything! She is still having two meals a day and 4 bottles but over this next month I think we will introduce another meal.

She isn't pulling up or cruising yet but will stand and hold on. I must admit that i am loving that she is taking her time. Both Paige and Parker were in such a hurry to grow up and Paige even took her first steps at 9 months old. Parker was standing and balancing unaided too.

We are still yet to hear mama/dada. She gets very close to saying mama when she cries, like shes calling out for me but hasn't said it properly yet.

Sleep was very up and down, In fact it was rubbish. She would wake up multiple times a nights and most times be up for 2 hours. She is settling down again now and also having two naps a day.

She also got chicken pox in the last month and had quite a rough time. She is feeling much better now though.

She is just such a happy, cheeky little baby and we love her so much. Only three more months until she is one!

Nicola Xx


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