Thursday, 7 September 2017

Blouses and Tops for autumn 2017

As a busy mum finding enough time to go shopping is often tricky. Even if you do make it to the shops trying on clothes with a child in tow is never ideal. You really cannot focus, so inevitably arrive home with one or two items that were probably best left in the shop. 

As a result, I now do a lot of my clothes shopping online. It is far easier for everyone concerned and it is really easy to shop around and get a feel for what is available.

This week, I have been looking for autumn and winter clothes. The weather is definitely on the turn, so now is the time to get ready and buy some warmer tops. I am pleased to say there are some great blouses and shirts available in the shops, at the moment. Here are a few of my favourites.

Off the shoulder tops

A lot of retailers are still selling the off the shoulder style of tops that were so popular during the summer. At first glance, I thought why would I want one of those in the winter? Then I realised that they are ideal for a night out. After all, when you are walking from the car to the venue you will usually be wearing a coat over the top. Once inside, it will be nice and warm. So, the fact your shoulders are bare is not really an issue.

High neck blouses

Most retail fashion designers have decided to offer the kind of blouses that button all the way up, this autumn. They are ideal for wearing on the school run or for walking the dog. You will not suffer from any draughts around your neck wearing one of these.

This style looks good on most women and is extremely versatile. They look particularly smart when worn under a formal jacket. However, when worn with the top few buttons open they make a very good casual blouse. This makes them ideal for wearing with jeans or over leggings.

Drop sleeve tops

The drop sleeve cut is proving popular, as well. They can also be worn formally as well as casually, which makes them a good addition to virtually anyone´s wardrobe. Perhaps the nicest thing about them is that they offer plenty of freedom of movement. One made out of a soft material would be ideal for wearing to the gym or while doing your housework.

Tunic tops

If you are feeling a bit self-conscious at the moment about your figure, a tunic top could be a good option. They are available in a big range of cuts and colours. The fact that they fall slightly away from the body and are usually mid-thigh length means that they are a good way to skim over any bulges you are worried about.

Choosing the right blouse for you

If you are unsure which of the above blouses is the most likely to work for your body type this article will prove helpful.


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