Friday, 29 September 2017

First Day at School Nursery - Parker

This week Parker started nursery, school nursery. He used to go to private nursery before for three mornings a week but now at school nursery will be going every morning for 3 hours each time. The extra school run in the middle of the day will be a pain but that's only for a year.

On Monday he did one hour with me. That was his third stay and play and he loved it! Because his birthday is in June he is one of the younger ones so started later compared to the older ones. On Tuesday he did an hour on his own and again loved it. Wednesday was the whole 3 hours on his own and so far so good. He used to love going to nursery before so i'm really hoping that he will just continue to love going this time. 

He was so excited and so ready to start going more often plus it starts getting him ready for school next year which I can apply for already! Paige is so excited that now Parker goes to her school and they may see each other in the play ground! He can wear a uniform but I like to save that for reception year.

He seems so grown up now and it makes me so sad but I know he will love making new friends, love his teachers and be really happy to be involved in school.

Now I have to get used to just having Harleigh at home in the mornings.

Nicola Xx


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