Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Great Clothing Gifts for the Men in Your Life

Gift buying is not always easy. Sometimes you are lucky and things just fall into place. You go online or walk into a shop and the right present just jumps out at you. Other times, you are left scrabbling around trying to find something suitable.

I tend to find that this happens to me more when I am trying to find a gift for a male family member or friend. Why this happens I am not sure, but I think it is simply that I rarely go shopping in men´s shops. Therefore, I am less familiar with what is available. Fortunately, there is one type of gift that works for most men. Every man needs clothes, so shirts, trousers, underwear, socks and footwear all make great presents. As you can see here there are hundreds of options, so you are bound to find something suitable.

Stylish polo shirts

Polo shirts are surprisingly versatile and are popular across the age groups. They look good with both jeans and trousers and are comfortable to wear. The fact that they are semi-smart makes them a good option for parties. There are many different types available, with some stores introducing long sleeve versions, which are particularly good for the colder months.

Jeans for all shapes and sizes

Jeans are another item of clothing that most men and boys seem to wear. However, you do need to be careful when buying them as a gift. They are not cheap, so you do not want to end up buying a pair that simply languishes in the back of the wardrobe. It is usually only a good idea to purchase them if you know for sure which brand and cut the person you are buying for likes to wear.

Trainers and shoes

Most men have a certain style of shoes or trainers that they like to wear. To identify which ones would make a good gift, all you need to do is to pay attention and notice which ones they wear the most. Provided you know the man or boy´s shoe size you are good to go.


For men and boys, sportswear and equipment can make excellent gifts. The person you are buying for does not necessarily have to participate in sports. A football, baseball or hockey shirt featuring their favourite team is an ideal gift for those who are fans, rather than players.

Underwear and socks

For the men and boys in your life that you are close to, underwear can be a great gift. They are the type of item that most men hate going shopping for. Socks are a good gift for any man or boy. Just avoid the temptation to buy gimmicky ones. That type tends to only get worn once, maybe twice, and then shoved in the drawer.

Getting the size right

If you are buying for a friend, your father or brother you are going to have little choice but to guess his size. Therefore, you really should give them a gift receipt. That way if the fit is not right they can easily exchange the item. If, on the other hand, you are buying clothing gifts for your partner or son take the time to measure them properly before you buy. Doing so will potentially save you a lot of time and hassle. Here you can find out how to do it properly.


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