Friday, 22 September 2017

Harleighs Room

As many of you know we rent our current house, right now we just can't afford to buy but that doesn't stop me thinking about what I would like our future house to be like when we do eventually buy and i'm sure that one day we will! In fact i'm always looking at houses just in case the perfect one pops up!

We are currently in the middle of redoing Harleighs room, I say redoing but in fact we never did much to it before. I'm not one of these people that spend the entire pregnancy decorating a nursery, I've never done it. I think because I get so sick in pregnancy I just don't have the motivation to do it plus don't really see the need. They don't use the room for the first few months of their life. Harleigh is 10 months old and her room isn't finished yet but we are getting there, when it is finished I shall do a room tour.

We didn't paint or anything but added some shelves, pictures and decor. I got bunting off eBay, frames from Ikea and lots of little decor pieces from This Modern Life which I love. I wanted to keep it quite low cost as it isn't our house we didn't want to majorly change anything.

If we owned this house I would love to move Harleigh up into the attic, put in Roof Windows and have her bedroom up there. I think roof windows look amazing and add so much light. We've never had them but my dad does in his attic and I love how they look. If you fancy roof windows yourself check out these 8 tips for choosing a roof window for some great hints and tips! There's so much to think about.

That would also free up the little bedroom for Parker to have his own room as he currently shares with Paige, which they currently love but i'm not sure they will in a year or two. 

For now I will have to add the final touches to Harleighs room and keep dreaming of our attic conversion and roof windows!

If money was no option what would you change about your house?

Nicola Xx


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