Monday, 25 September 2017

Hipp Organics - First Tastes

When weaning first tastes are so important. Your babies whole world was milk and now its time to introduce them to food. Hipp Organic have some new pure vegetable jars. They are perfect as first foods and are made up of single flavours using organic vegetables. Both me and Harleigh were challenged to test them out.

Parsnips - We started with parsnips. Suitable from 4 months the parsnips are very smooth in texture. Made from only organic parsnips and water. I tried it first and then Harleigh. To me it tasted exactly like parsnips, a little more of a sutble flavour than it would be if i ate a regular parsnips but it was nice. Harleigh wasn't a huge fan first time around but second time she liked it and ate the lot.

Peas - I was excited and a little scared for the peas. I went first and thought they tasted exactly like mushy peas, just pureed, which is a little weird when you aren't used to eating it. Harleigh loves peas and she loved them pureed too. She gobbled it up and couldn't get enough. Again just made from organic peas and water!

White Carrot - Without reading the jar I thought this one was parsnip again, I didn't even think about white carrots! To me they tasted a little sweeter than regular carrot but a nice flavour. Harleigh wasn't a huge fan. It was quite watery so i'm not sure if thats what put her off a little.

Mediterranean Vegetables with aubergines - Suitable from 6 months plus this one has more texture than the first ones we tried. Harleigh really enjoyed it, loved the extra texture and ate it all up without any problems. For me the added texture was very strange but the flavour was very nice, you could taste the vegetables inside which were carrots, tomatoes, courgettes, onions and aubergines.

Vegetables with fish pie - This one was the one I was least looking forward to trying. I am not a fish person and to be honest I hated it. The flavour was quite subtle but I still hated it. Harleigh loved it. This one seemed very smooth compared to the other 6 months plus ones. 

Buttered Vegetables - To me this tasted just like sweet potatoes which I like, again I don't think id ever get used to eating puree foods but the flavour was nice. This was Harleigh's favourite, she loves sweet potato so loved this! It had a little more texture too so I think she enjoyed that too. 

We really loved trying out the pure vegetable jars and Harleigh loved them! I was surprised how well she ate them as usually jars and pouches have some sort of fruit added in to sweeten them a little. I have a voucher which you can use to try out some of the new jars. I'd love to know how you get on.

Nicola Xx

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