Friday, 15 September 2017

Siblings - September 2017

I am so sad that the summer holidays are over with. I loved having them all at home, don't get me wrong at times it was madness but overall we had a lovely time and I miss it.

Paige started back at school last week and Parker starts nursery next week. Paige is loving school but Parker and Harleigh are missing her as much as I am. Parker is so excited to start nursery, he will go every morning this time instead of three mornings which he did before. 

I am excited to get some one on one time with Harleigh after not having much time together the past 7 weeks. She is almost 10 months old and the thought of her turning one makes me want to cry! She is doing so well though and having her brother and sister at home with her has brought her on so much.

The kids all loved the summer holidays and spending so much time together but I think they were ready for school to start and the routine and structure that brings. I think I was too as I missed that after a while.

I still can't believe we made these three babies of ours, they are so cute!

Nicola Xx
The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. i will not think a kid my youngest' first birthday:( my two have missed their big sister too. I can't believe we are going into another year at school

  2. OH little one is growing up right before our eyes. These are just darling. Bet they are missing each other during the school days. I know I am missing my littlest now starting reception. #siblingsproject

  3. I really miss summer already too it's so lovely having them together isn't it? #siblingsproject


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