Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Autumn is Here

The other weekend we went to the park for a walk or in the kids case, a scoot. The weather was finally ok and not chucking it down with rain. I don't mind the colder weather but hate all the rain.

We loaded everyone in the car and drove about 15 minutes to our favourite park. I remember finding this park and thinking we had hit the jackpot. It is the most gorgeous park and usually very quiet.

There are plenty of places to walk around, places for the kids to scoot around, little wood walks to go on, things to look at, views to admire and treasure to find. Yep, real treasure. We told the kids we were going on a treasure hunt, they loved it and had so much fun. 

What was the treasure you ask... conkers!

The kids had so much fun looking for conkers and scooting around. We did find a few conkers and some lovely autumn leaves for Paige's homework. 

I of course took loads of pictures so wanted to share a few with you. I love them all! The kids faces, the autumn leaves, everything!

I am loving autumn so far and can't wait to have some more fun, cold Autumn days out!

Have you enjoyed some nice park days?

Nicola Xx


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