Tuesday, 3 October 2017

B-Sensible Fitted Sheet Protector Review

When you have children there are a million things to think about, one of those things is sleep and bedding. Where will they sleep, how will they sleep and so on. As they get older the same problems still occur. Will the sleep properly once you move them from a cot to a bed, will they wet the bed in the middle of the night when potty training.

We have been very lucky. Both Paige and Parker were fine when moving from a cot to a big bed, time will only tell how Harleigh will do. As for potty training effecting their sleep it did sometimes but most of the time the biggest thing that effects their sleep is illness. They recently had a pretty awful sickness bug. They woke in the night and were sick multiple times. The thing that saved us were the fitted sheet protectors from B-Sensible. I've never really thought about sheet protectors before, they would be too noisy and too uncomfortable for the children to sleep on so we didn't buy any. The B-Sensible ones are far from that. They are waterproof AND breathable meaning they are super thin and really comfortable. They don't make a sound when the children wiggle around and to be honest they don't know the difference but their mattress is protected! 

They made the middle of the night bed changes so much easier to deal with as they protected the mattress from getting wet. It was a simple change of bedding and we were all ready to sleep again. 

They are fitted they stay on the mattress really well, they also have quite a lot of material at the side so will work for mattresses of different thickness. I was a little worried they would take ages to dry once washed but they can go in the tumble dryer!

We also have a pink fitted sheet protector on Harleigh's cot. Perfect for nappy leaks and all sorts of things. All the same great qualities just in a smaller size.

They come in a variety of sizes and colours, are great quality and I can't recommend them enough!

Have you tried waterproof sheets?

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - The above items were sent to me for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*

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