Thursday, 26 October 2017

Half Terms Blues

I was really looking forward to half term. I had loads of things planned. I imagined walks in the woods, hours at the park, Halloween crafts and baking yummy treats. 

None of those happened, OK I lied, one of those things happened. We managed a little walk in the woods. So why didn't the other things happen, another sickness bug. 

The big two had a sickness bug in September and now one in October too, is it ever going to end?! I've had enough of them. 

This time we were all hit over the space of the week so we really didn't have a day where we were all feeling 100% all day. 

It's always nice to not have to get up for the school run, to not rush around in the morning but it was tough to look after three children whilst having a sickness bug. We did have loads of lazy days, we snuggled, watched films and played with toys. It wasn't the ideal way to spend half term but i'd much rather us be ill during the holidays then during school and the kids having to have days off. 

I really hope that we are now bug free for the rest of the year. Please, please, please!

Have you had a nice half term?

Nicola Xx

1 comment:

  1. Gutted for you. I know how much you love having all your babies home together! x


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