Friday, 13 October 2017

Pomelody E-Learning Music Platform

All three of my children love music. So much so that we regularly have dance parties in the living room. They love all different types of music and love to listen and dance. 

Pomelody is a new home based e-learning music platform that can potentially increase IQ by 18%. As a parent children's toys can be boring, I will admit that I don't particularly enjoy playing with them all. Pomelody offers the ability to connect with your child and have fun with music!

So you might be wondering how Pomelody started. Professional musicians Adam and Anna came up with the idea whilst raising their children. They knew how music can have a positive impact on a child's development and wanted to try find musical content that they could use in order to interact with their children. 

There was very little musical content available and what was available was unstructured. They set about designing, testing and recording a series of specially recorded songs, music theory tutorials for parents and animated stories for kids. The result is the first simple to access (online via PC, laptop or tablet), fun and engaging platform for parents to embrace music along with their young children. 

About Pomelody:
Pomelody is a comprehensive online music education system for children 0-6 and their families. It's the world’s first music education e-learning platform for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Pomelody is designed from the ground up to stimulate a child’s music potential while giving parents (even those with no music ability) an opportunity to bond and have fun. Every quarter, Pomelody delivers an online (via PC, laptop, tablet) series of music. Each season will consist of 10 family music making classes, animated lectures with music theory and animated stories for the children. 

Adam, Weber founder of Pomelody, said: “Music is such a powerful medium to stimulate a child’s imagination. Its benefits stretch way beyond childhood with many reports suggesting that it can boost an individual’s adult IQ by up to 18%, compared to children with no early years music exposure. 
Whilst this is motivation in itself, it's the sheer joy and bonding between a child and its parents that makes interacting with music so magical. With Pomelody we have a created a unique opportunity for families to bond, to learn, to have fun and to stimulate the next generation. We arvery excited to bring this project to market and, fingers crossed, we can achieve our stretch goal and give free access to underprivileged children around the world.”

Music is so much fun and so beneficial to young children.

I think that Pomelody sounds like a really great idea to get children and us as parents excited and involved in music. 

Do your children like music?

Nicola Xx

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