Thursday, 16 November 2017

Before You Turn One

Tomorrow you turn one, I can hardly believe it. Third time around goes so much quicker. I wish I could go back and relive it all again, the sleepless nights and the sleepy cuddles, oh how i miss the sleepy cuddles. 

I feel like you've grown so much in your first year yet you still feel small. You are bigger than average but compared to your brother and sister you are small. You also aren't walking and haven't even taken any steps yet so do still feel very much like a baby. How can you possibly be turning one?!

I feel like i only gave birth to you a couple of months ago. It seems so fresh in my mind yet so far away. This time last year I wasn't even in labour yet. I had no clue you would arrive the day after. 

You made us a family of five. A family that we all love and we couldn't imagine life without you. Paige and Parker adore you just as much as me and daddy do. 

We love you so much, I hope you know just how much.

Mummy Xxxxx


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