Thursday, 23 November 2017

Christmas Gift Guide - Baby/Toddler 2017

Next up is the baby and toddler gift guide. I love buying for babies and toddlers at Christmas. I think the things out there are so cute. I tend to do a mixture of toys and items that parents will find useful. I know what it's like to have a house overrun with toys so sometimes giving other little things is nice.

I love the idea of giving a Personalised Christmas Eve Box and Plate for a baby. You would have to give it early for them to use it but if they were really small it could be given on Christmas day and just saved to use until the next year. Its such a lovely, special personalised gift I wanted to include it.

1. Baby rabbit china mug - I love getting keepsakes for babies and toddlers for Christmas. I think a little keepsake plus a little toy makes the perfect present. This mug can be personalised with a name and date of birth on the back.

2. Bashful Bunny - I also love Jellycat teddies. I think they are a little more special than a regular teddy and so very soft. All my children have a special Jellycat toy and we have a few favourites in our house.

3. Harry and Rose Gift Set - A skincare set is always a nice touch at Christmas. Maybe paired with a little toy for baby the parents will always need skincare items for baby. This set from Harry and Rose is very luxurious and smells wonderful.

4. VTech Activity Table - Harleigh has this and loves this. Suitable from 6 months it's a great toy for a growing and developing baby. They can play with it sitting down and when they are ready to stand and play simply add the legs.

5. BBC Children's DVD - With Sarah and Duck, Mr Tumble, Go Jetters and Hey Duggee there will be something you toddler loves. I don't mind my children watching an episode or two in an afternoon when they a bit tired but bedtime is still a couple of away, some quiet sofa time makes the world of difference.

6. Sing-along Mr Tumble - Babies and children of all ages seem to like Mr Tumble. All my three will happily watch him on tv. He's fun, bright and super colourful. This toy is great for a baby or toddler as its super soft too!

7. Halia RoseTeether - A teether is a great gift for a baby. Its always nice for them to have a few different teethers that are safe for them to bite down on and chew. They all prefer different ones and this is one of Harleigh's favourite's.

8. Blade & Rose Leggings - Clothes are a good gift too. As a parent I know how quickly babies grow so they always need bigger clothes. The Blade & Rose leggings are very comfy and cosy and come in so many different designs.  

Nicola Xx

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