Friday, 24 November 2017

Harleigh 12 Months Old

My tiny little 6lb 14oz baby is ONE! I can barely believe it. Its gone so, so quickly. It makes me so sad.

We still haven't had any steps but she is getting really good at standing by herself, her balance is really coming along. She can now climb on to the sofa and up the stairs. She nods her head for yes, dances to songs and blows kisses.

Another two teeth have cut meaning so now has 6 all together. We've also had a lot more babbling and sound making from her which is lovely. She is usually very quiet. We also had a first word, mama. She said it three times the day before her birthday but hasn't said it again.

She is still having three bottles a day and three meals. We have started to introduce cows milk and at the moment she has half and half for her bottles. She weighs around 20lbs.

Sleep and naps are a little off, we are weaning off the dummy but only on day 2 so far. Any tips?

She is turning into a toddler very quickly and it makes me so sad. I am excited to see when her first steps will be as both Paige and Parker were already running around by now.

Nicola Xx


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