Monday, 20 November 2017

Harleigh's Smash Cake

Another baby turning one can only mean one thing... another smash cake!!

I loved doing smash cakes with Paige and Parker, even if they didn't got to plan. Parker really did enjoy it more than both girls. Harleigh wasn't very sure just like Paige but she did actually eat some unlike Paige!

It also seems like Harleigh thinks she is above using her hands to feed herself and instead required a spoon! Maybe the only first birthday smash cake to involve the baby using a spoon!!


She did eventually kind of get into the swing of it but I honestly thought that she would dive straight in, she usually loves cake! I guess the situation is very different. 

I spend ages making sure the cake was perfect and even made the little topper. I love the pictures I got even if they weren't what I imagined. 

It seems my babies don't really like smash cakes. Do yours?

Nicola Xx


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