Tuesday, 5 December 2017

12 Months PostPartum After Baby #3

Harleigh is now 12 months old. A whole year ago since I had my third baby. 

My last postpartum update was at 9 months. Since then not too much has changed. I feel like overall I healed really well and really quickly. The baby weight came off a bit slower than it did compared to Parker. I feel like for some reason after having my girls the baby weight tends to cling to me whereas after Parker it fell off really quickly. The weight is all gone now and as for measurements I am more or less back to where I was. My waist is exactly the same as before, my stomach is actually smaller and thighs are half an inch bigger but I’m fine with that. All my clothes fit as they did and I would say that some are actually bigger than before. 

As for exercise me and my best friend are going to a class once a week, when we remember to book on! It’s really fun and we are both enjoying it. It’s nice to unwind a little there. I don’t do anything else except run around after three kids.   

Since giving birth I’ve actually become lactose intolerant, or it’s gotten much worse. We aren’t really sure which but I am now lactose intolerant. It’s meant a big change in what I eat and I’m slowly getting used to that. I honestly think that's why I lost those last 3lbs that i had at 9 months.

My hair is growing back nicely after postpartum hair loss and my nails are just as before. 

My body isn't perfect but it grew and gave birth to three babies and that makes me so proud of it!

Nicola Xx


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