Thursday, 7 December 2017

Getting Rid Of The Dummy At 12 Months Old

Before I became pregnant for the first time I wouldn't say I was against dummies but I wasn't a huge fan. Its more the three year olds that still walk around with them in there mouth that bothered me. Paige and Parker never took one but Harleigh felt different. I felt like she needed one. She took one and we didn't really think anything of it. When she turned one she had her first dentist appointment. I won't lie the dentist scared me once she knew she had a dummy. So I decided to get rid of it. 

She only really used it for nap times and bed times but would have it occasionally during the day if she was teething as it helped calm her. 

I decided to go cold turkey and take it away completely. I didn't want to try nap times first and then give it her for bedtimes as I didn't want to confuse her. 

The first few days were rough. I was used to placing Harleigh in her cot and having her fall asleep on her own, with the dummy this became a lot harder. The first nap she took 1 hour 10 minutes to go asleep, this was with me going in to comfort her every few minutes. She slept 40 minutes whereas usually she would sleep 1.5 hours. The second nap was better. She only took 20 minutes to go down but slept 1.5 hours. Then  nighttime came and this is what I was dreading the most but she only woke up once around 2am for half an hour and then went back off.  The naps went very similar for the next few days, sometimes she would skip her morning nap all together but then have a good afternoon one. The second night was one of the worst nights we've ever had, she wouldn't settle at all and wanted to be held all night. 

Since then things are still a little up and down. She has just finished a leap so maybe my timing wasn't the best and I should of waited until after the leap but I can't change that now. She hasn't had her dummy since November 22nd and the picture above is the last picture I have of her with her dummy. Its such a bittersweet moment. She looks so much more grown up sleeping without a dummy but we thought it would be best to get rid of it now rather than wait a year and try get rid at 2. 

I am happy we got rid but it'd been a little rough. When did you get rid of the dummy?

Nicola Xx


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