Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Life Lately December 2017

The past few weeks have been quite rough. After Harleigh turned one she went into the next leap, I love The Wonder Weeks if you're wondering what i'm talking about. 

This one was by far the worst one. She was so grumpy, clingy and cried more than I've ever know her to cry ever! A few days before this happened I took the dummy away, not the best timing but I didn't check the app, won't be making that mistake again. So she had to deal with losing her dummy and going through a leap both together. She did do really well but it was hard, hard work. 

She wouldn't sleep, she had to be constantly touching me, she was so grumpy and just not herself at all. Typical leap behaviour. But that doesn't make it any easier to deal with, especially as I was ill myself. 

Then she had her injections and got poorly from them as well as having a cough and a cold. Its pretty typical to get ill after the injections, she had a rash and a horrible fever. She's really had a rough few weeks, we all have.

The older two have also had the cough and cold as well and none of us are completely over it yet. 

I also found out that i'm lactose intolerant, great timing for the holidays and all the chocolate! I'm trying to adjust to that and sort all that out which is quite rough too, I never knew milk was in so many things but I am feeling a lot better from it.

We are all so excited for Christmas and can't wait. I can't believe how quickly the time is going. The kids don't break up until December 22nd which I think is super late. They get two weeks off and I'm so excited to not have any school runs for two weeks.

I'm hoping that we will all be feeling a bit better by the weekend, we have a birthday party and are hoping to see Santa. Next week is really busy at school and nursery for Paige and Parker.

I also recently opened up a new Etsy shop, Nini Lola Design so that is taking up a little bit of time too. I'm trying to promote it and get my name out there but with Christmas I think that's a little hard. I'm hoping that in the new year I can pick that up a lot more and I can't wait.

My blog... I'm not really sure what to do. Maybe I need a little break and a fresh start in the new year. I still love the blogging community but I feel like it's taking a different turn and i'm not sure if i like that. I started blogging to track my pregnancy and now another two later I'm still here but i'm not sure where I want to go from now.

I just felt like a little update was overdue. 

Coming in December will be siblings, hopefully some Christmas pictures, mummy and me, me and mine and Harleigh's 13 month update. I wasn't sure if i should continue but I feel like shes still a baby. She isn't talking much and isn't walking so I feel like she will still change a lot from month to month. 

Nicola Xx


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