Friday, 12 January 2018

Finding Time For Me

When you have children it's so important to find time for yourself. You can't do your job properly as a mum if you're burning yourself out and not looking after yourself properly. That means sleeping and eating right too.

It is hard to find time for yourself, I struggle but I try everyday to have a moment for myself. If that means a cup of tea in piece, a long shower before the kids wake up or even painting my nails once they are in bed. Not everyday goes to plan, things come up and life gets in the way but I always make sure to try. If I can't manage something one day then I make sure to give myself time when Mark is home or on a weekend. 

This is something that I am really trying to focus on this year.

1. I am going to my class once a week. I really love working out. I'd love to find time to do a workout at home 1-2 times a week as well as my class but because it's at a set time every week and I pay for it, I feel like that makes me go even on days when i don't want to. I always come away relaxed and less stressed.
2. I'm aiming to paint my nails once a month. My aim last year was once a week and I failed in January. It wasn't realistic. 
3. I'm also writing in a journal and planner every day. This helps me stay organised so I don't feel like things are getting on top of me. It lets me reflect on the day and work through anything that made me stressed. I also just really enjoy it.
4. I'm trying to drink more water. I am so bad at drinking water and it is so important for you.

It's also important to find time for your partner if you have one. It's so easy to get into the routine of just passing each other in the hallway or eating tea without making eye contact. Day to day life gets in the way! Me and Mark are trying to watch a film together once a week and go out on a date once a month. I am already loving the extra time with him and we aren't even half way through January yet.

Please make time for yourself. Your children need you to look after yourself too. 

What do you want to do or already do for me time?

Nicola Xx


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