Friday, 5 January 2018

Harleigh - 13 Months Old

This update is a bit late, Harleigh turned 13 months on December 17th. With Christmas I just completely forgot. 

I think 13 months is a bit of a weird one. She seems to have stopped progressing. She was getting so good at standing and practising a lot and having the confidence to try things. Now she doesn’t. She hates standing but still can, only if she wants to. She barely tries letting go now and has no interest what so ever in taking any steps. She was going through a leap so was very clingy, then she got a cold and again was very clingy and then she got a sickness bug and now had another cold. They all followed straight after each other so she’s barely had time/energy to practise standing and letting go. She has good balance when she is standing and is very steady in her feet but she just isn’t interested in walking at all. She will walk with her walker and sometimes if we hold her hands but she has to want to do it. I honestly think that one day she will just get up and walk and that will be it. 

She still has 6 teeth but is teething again. Her teeth have taken ages to come before she I doubt we will see any new ones soon. Her hair is growing so quickly too!

She started saying mama, dada and hi but again stopped. She did the same when learning to crawl and roll. Once she masters something it’s like she doesn’t bother trying anymore because she just knows she can do it. 

She is such a cheeky little girl. She loves playing with Paige and Parker and adores them although she does bully Parker and he just lets her! We got rid of the dummy so she doesn’t have that at all now. She has one nap a day now around 12:30-1 until 3pm. She sleeps through on and off, sometimes she has really bad nights and others she sleeps 12 hours. She very much like Paige was as a baby with regards to sleep. 

She is fully on cows milk now and has three bottles a day. I should think about replacing the afternoon one with a snack but I’m in no rush. She also drinks water and loves drinking through a straw. She is a really good eater and will eat pretty much anything. She loves carrots, sweet corn and grapes. 

I can’t wait to see when she starts walking. I feel like that is the next big milestone and whilst I love that she is taking her time unlike Paige and Parker, I'm at the stage where i'm excited to see her walking and joining in with Paige and Parker more. 

Nicola Xx


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