Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Harleigh - 14 Months Old

Today Harleigh turns 14 months old. The months are still flying by. This month she feels much more like a toddler although she still hasn’t taken any steps. The past month she seems more into walking with her walker and cruising along and between furniture. She also learnt how to ride her ride on by pushing herself along.

She has cut another tooth this month so now has 7. 

Her naps and sleep as still a little up and down. Probably down to her teething and she is going through another leap. 

She understand what loads of words mean but hasn’t said any new ones. For example if we say ta she will give us whatever she has in her hands and it’s become quite a little game, she loves bringing us thing and passing us things. 

She loves food and will eat what we eat. She eats more or less anything and I hope it continues. Her favourites are grapes, pizza, banana and carrots. 

Not too much has changed. I think she looks a lot more like a toddler now and it will be so strange to see her walking, if she ever does because she are just so used to seeing her crawl now. She started crawling just as she turned 9 months so thats a good 5 months ago!

Nicola Xx


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