Thursday, 25 January 2018

How I Keep organised With Three Children

People always ask me how I keep on top of things with three children. My memory is terrible especially after three babies so I need to have something that keeps me organised and reminds to do things. I use a planner. 

There are loads of different types but I’m currently using my medium black kikki k. This holds personal sized inserts and I love that I can personalise it to me and our family. The basics I have are a monthly calendar for appointments and important dates. I have weekly pages that go into a little more detail than my monthly pages. Then I have daily pages which is basically a list of everything for that specific day, I love ticking things off! I have have a notes sections where I write down anything and everything that comes into my head. A meal planning section to keep our food shopping bills as low as possible and lastly a list section. In this section I have lists of things I might need to reference. For example I have information about our holiday, addresses and a to buy list. 

I’ve recently done a planner flip through on YouTube if you want to have a proper look inside my planner. I also have a planner Instagram if you want to see more and an etsy shop, Nini Lola Designs which sells planner stickers and die cuts.

I do like to decorate and add pictures and die cuts. It keeps me motivated to use my planner and makes me want to look at it and use it everyday. 

I can keep track of appointments, school things, cleaning and even blog things. I love that its custom to me and to whatever I need and if something doesn't work I can simply change and adapt it as needed.  

How do you keep organised?

Nicola Xx


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