Saturday, 27 January 2018

Mummy and Me - January 2018

It's finally the end of January. I always feel like January drags on. The weather is always rubbish and everyone is full of the January blues. This January is no different, it has dragged. Christmas feels like it was ages away, not just last month. 

This month the big children went back to school after the holidays and they are both loving it so much. Its nice to get back into the routine of school. Me and Harleigh also joined a playgroup. I decided that this year I really wanted to try join a group or do something just for me and Harleigh. We first tried out a music group but they ended up changing the time and because we have to pick up Parker at 11:30am we couldn't attend the new time. We have found a lovely playgroup that is close by and some of our friends from school and nursery go there so we already know people who are there. It's so much fun, Harleigh gets to play with other children and I get to chat to other mums, plus we get to play together!

I am so excited to watch our babies grow this year. Paige will turn 6, Parker 4 and start reception and Harleigh will turn 2. I'm excited to see Harleigh walk and the kids really be able to play together and run around outside. Im excited for days in the garden and walks in the park without big coats and scarfs. Bring on Spring!

This months picture was a quick snap on our bed. I can't believe how lucky I am to have three babies, I still can't believe it sometimes. 

Has January dragged for you?

Nicola Xx
Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


  1. Great minds think alike! Look how we both ended our post for this months Mummy and Me. Bring on Spring! I can't believe how fast our little ones are growing. To think that you was pregnant with Paige 6 years ago is crazy! I remember it like it was only yesterday xx

    1. It really is!! I can barely believe how fast time is going x

  2. I'm really not a fan of January at all, long, grey and cold! I miss those playgroup days, hope you have fun there. Lovely shot of you all this month #mummyandme


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