Friday, 19 January 2018

The Hipp Buddies - The Children Take Over

As you may remember in the last few months I’ve worked with Hipp Organics and me and Harleigh have tried a whole variety of jars in our moment for jars and first tastes challenges. This time we were challenged to meet the Hipp buddies. And I had to let the kiddos be in charge!! They had to pick what to wear, what to eat and what we did.

The Hipp Buddies are a group of animals who are super friendly and very fun. They all have different jobs and help in making yummy fruit for the Hipp Organic pouches. They all want to make sure that only the best ingredients go into each and every pouch.  Paige loves Georgie the giraffe, Parker loves Max the monkey and if Harleigh could talk I think she would like Casey the cat. 

The big kids got to help in picking ours clothes. They picked mine and Harleighs clothes! They had so much dressing us. Usually I pick everyone’s clothes out the night before on a school night or in the morning on a weekend so they loved having a chance to pick their own.

The picked me and Harleigh matching clothes, we had lovely pink matching jumpers. Perfect for the cold weather, they picked so well.

Harleigh is only 14 months old so the big kids helped out a little and they loved it!! First up was breakfast. Harleigh could do this all on her own. She loves food and always had so I knew she wouldn’t have any problems with any of them. Of course she couldn’t tell me so whichever she touched first or picked up that’s what she had! For breakfast it was fruity porridge. 

I simply took the cap off, which can be replaced if you don't use the whole pouch, and Harleigh was able to suck straight from the pouch. I didn’t even warm it up and she loved it. Plus it made no mess what so ever. I love pouches for this exact reason. They are quick, easy and mess free! 

In this pouch was a lot of fruit including pears and mango plus fruit juices. She actually cried when the pouch was finished because she wanted more!

We then went for a walk in the park. The children will also pick a walk in the park over almost everything else. They just love getting outside. Parker also got a bike for Christmas so he loves learning to ride. After we had worked up an appetite we came back home, warmed up and for lunch Harleigh picked the Mediterranean Vegetable Spaghetti. 

I knew she would love this one. She loves anything with spaghetti. Inside is some amazing organic ingredients which include tomatoes, onions and mozzarella. I can't have milk anymore so couldn't try the pouches myself but Mark did. He said they were all lovely subtle flavours but the texture is a bit strange to eat for adults. Harleigh loved it, I couldn't feed her fast enough. She usually eats what we eat but I love pouches because they are so easy and convenient. 

Next up was tea. We gave Harleigh the choice again, I just let her pick between a couple of different pouches or we could of been waiting all day for her to settle on one! She picked Vegetable and Chicken Risotto with peas. 

We don't usually have risotto so I wasn't sure if Harleigh would like it but to my surprise she did. Inside this one was carrots, rice, peas, chicken and tomatoes. Again she loved it. The texture is perfect for babies who are bored of smooth food and need a little bit more but also perfect for toddlers who like Harleigh already eat regular food. 

We tried a few different pouches both sweet and savoury ones and Harleigh has loved every single one. 

We couldn't recommend Hipp Organic enough. If you'd like to try them for yourself and see which buddy is your favourite I have a printable voucher you can download for money off. To discover more about the different pouches available make sure you view the full range

I always think weaning is fun and very messy, I've done it three times now and each time I learn a little more. Its so important to offer a wide range of food and try if you can to offer more vegetables than fruit. Most babies love fruit as they are sweeter than vegetables. If you offer more vegetables you are helping them move away from their natural preference for sweeter tastes. This could help them be less fussy as they get older. 

Don't forget to check out the Hipp buddies!

Nicola Xx

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