Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Tips for Staying Stylish as a Mum

Once you become a parent, understandably the focus will shift from you onto your newborn. Children require a lot of love, care and attention, especially when they are still young, so it’s all too easy to become wrapped up in looking after your little ones and forget about taking care of yourself.

However, it’s still important that you take some time out to look after yourself. Being constantly on-the-go can be tiring at the best of times, but when you combine that with a lack of sleep, constant interruptions and the fact that your body will probably still be recovering from pregnancy and childbirth, it’s no big surprise that many mums end up being exhausted and burned out.

While many people will tell you that this is just another part of becoming a parent, in reality, the truth of the matter is that everyone needs a break from time to time, and there’s no shame in admitting that. It’s not always possible to book a babysitter or leave your little one with a trusted friend or family member for an evening off, but luckily, there are other ways in which you can help yourself feel good.

Many women struggle with their appearance and the way that they look post-childbirth, yet self-confidence and body positivity are slowly becoming a more integral part of supporting new mothers. After all, everyone is different; it’s important to remember that.

The way that you dress can have a big impact on the way that you feel. Appearance is linked to confidence and personality, yet it can be all too easy to forget about fashion and style when you are busy looking after your little ones. While remaining completely on trend and purchasing a brand new wardrobe every other month might not be achievable any longer, there are still plenty of ways in which you can keep looking stylish – even with the kids in tow!


Becoming a parent doesn’t mean that you instantly have to remove all traces of personality from your wardrobe. While some pieces may no longer be practical, there’s no reason why you can’t wear the clothes that you want to wear. Pick out a favourite piece of clothing or alternatively, keep it simple by incorporating your favourite colour into your outfit. Statement accessories and jewellery should perhaps be avoided with younger children who have a habit of pulling jewellery or trying to chew on accessories, but once the kids begin to get older, you can easily begin reintroducing jewellery into your daily style. To find the perfect piece to get you back into jewellery again, find out more here.

Revamp Your Wardrobe

Is your existing clothing collection looking a little worse for wear? Running around after toddlers and cleaning up endless messes can put a strain on your clothes, resulting in stains, tears and frayed edges. If you’re looking through your wardrobe and struggling to find something nice to
wear, it might be time to consider refreshing your outfit choices. Chuck out some of the older, more worn clothes and invest in a few key pieces to replace them. The key is to go for durable, long-lasting material and avoid white at all costs!

The Finishing Touch

Although we’ve already touched on the use of accessories, there are several other ways in which you can provide an instant boost to your self-esteem without having to break the bank. As a parent, the chances are that you will have a large amount of baby-related paraphernalia to carry about with you whenever you leave the house. From food and bottles to nappies, wipes and spare sets of clothes, you will need a good-quality changing bag to keep everything in order. Why not go for a stylish design or a bright pattern to add to your personal style? Alternatively, something as simple as going for a haircut or trying an easier to manage hairstyle can work wonders for reducing the time spent on your morning routine while giving you a fresh new look!

Of course, at the end of the day, looking stylish is all about dressing in the way that you want and boosting your self-confidence. There is a direct link between your choice of clothing and the way in which you perceive yourself, so why not help yourself begin to feel great in the outfits that you want to wear?

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