Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Me and Mine - February 2018

The end of another month. The shortest and quickest month and it certainly was. I think we packed a lot into the month. We had birthday parties, first steps, first shoes, half term, snow days and a broken boiler which still isn’t fixed! 

Overall we’ve had an ok month. The kids have just started to get poorly which is a bit rubbish but they still seem in good spirits. They are happy to be back at school and really did miss it. I’m scared how they will react to the summer holidays! 

Our pictures this month at every last minute, taken about an hour ago. We got a lot of snow and had to capture that moment with this months picture. The kids loved it but it is SO cold. 

I can’t wait for spring and summer to come. I’m ready for some sunshine. March will hopefully see some slightly warmer weather, park trips and trips to see family. 

Bring on March! 

Nicola Xx 

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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Mummy and Me - February 2018

Quickest month ever. While February is the shorted month it has still flown by so quickly. I think because January dragged out for what felt like forever.

I feel like because February is so short we haven't really done too much. This month included half term which we all really enjoyed but it was a quiet one and we didn't do too much. 

One huge thing that happened this month was that Harleigh started walking!

All the kids seem to have grown up this month. Harleigh firstly because she is walking everywhere now, not full time but at home she hardly ever crawls anymore. She is still a little weary of walking outside in her shoes and somewhere new. Paige seems so much older for some reason and Parker too! In the next few months they will turn 6 and 4!

I totally forgot about our pictures this month, you'd think I'd remember my own linky!! So these were taken yesterday on the last day of half term. Its going to be so quiet with them back at school again. 

Nicola Xx
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Monday, 26 February 2018

February Half Term

We have just finished our half term, it seemed to be a week later than most others but we didn't mind. it does mean that the next half term is quite a short one.

We didn't have too many plans as Mark still had to work but we've had a really lovely chilled out and relaxed week. I think we've all benefited from it, the kids were so tired at the end of the term and were really ready for a break.

The week started off very slow. The kids played and I cleaned up from the weekend. On Tuesday we had our god daughter so I had 4 children to look after all day. It was so much fun. The sun was out so we headed to the park. With four children we took over the whole park, its only a small one with two swings, a little climbing frame and a little seesaw. The kids loved it and after we went for a walk in the woods on a gruffalo hunt! 

The rest of the week was pretty simple, we played, did crafts and did lots of baking. We went to see family and just spent some lazy time together at home. We played lots of board game, read lots of books and just enjoyed the rest.

I have loved having the kids off school and Harleigh has really loved it having Paige and Parker to play with. I am already looking forward to the next break when hopefully the weather is a little warmer.

How did your half term go?

Nicola Xx

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Harleigh - 15 Months Old

What a big month!! I always find that babies tend to do everything all at once. Between 14-15 months Harleigh has taken her first steps, learnt how to stand up without pulling up, learnt to wave properly and started talking more.

She took her first steps one week before turning 15 months old and can now do up to 12. She also learnt how to stand up without pulling up two days after her first steps. She is choosing to walk over crawling but isn't walking full time yet. When she waves now only her fingers move instead of her whole hand. She is also a lot more vocal, she has said bye whilst waving, hiya and narna for banana. 

She is also cutting her two top molars, they have both cut the outer half and we are waiting for the other halves to cut now. The bottom molars look very close too and are very swollen.

Her nap is ok, she is usually doing 1.5-2hrs but with teething it has been a bit disturbed. The same with her nighttime sleep, she usually sleeps 6:30pm-7am but we've had the odd wake up with her teething.

She is still having three bottles a day and still loving food. Bananas are very much still a huge favourite along with carrots, pasta and spaghetti.

She has so much personality and is so lovely to be around. She brings us all so much joy and happiness. She is such a lovely little girl and we couldn't love her more. She is so funny, caring and very loving, even at just 15 months old. She is really looking so big and grown up, a proper little toddler now!

Nicola Xx

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Siblings - February 2018

The past month has flown by very quickly, ok i lied, the past two weeks have flown by. January was the slowest month in history and February is proving to be the quickest!

I was very excited for February, the nights are slowly getting lighter and half term is right around the corner for us, next week!

Harleigh felt like February was the perfect month to take her first steps!! The kids were so excited to see her walk, as were we. I can't wait for some nicer weather and to see them all running around together outside in the garden.

The pictures this month are just from day to day life. I really do love having three and I love watching them grow up together and that they are close in age. I can't wait for half term and just have loads of lazy days together. The school days just fly by in a rush of getting everyone out the house on time and then the two pick ups i have during the day. 

Nicola Xx
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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Harleighs First Steps

If you've seen my post from last week you will remember that Harleigh wasn't walking... four days after that post she took her first steps! What are the chances of that?! 

So exactly one week before turning 15 months we got Harleighs first ever steps, which were two.

Two precious steps that made her grow up instantly.

Two precious steps that made us all scream and shout in delight.

Two precious steps that made her look so proud.

Two days later we had 7 steps and then 11! She had got it and was on a roll. She is doing really well and even picking to walk over crawl sometimes which is so lovely to see. She is getting very confident. She also learnt how to stand up in the middle of the room which she has worked on all week. 

I knew she would do it in her own time, she just needed a bit more confidence. 

It's still very new, very strange and exciting to see her walking, I still can't believe she is doing it. She isn't walking full time yet and I doubt she will for a good few weeks but we are all so excited for the next few weeks to see her develop and progress even more. 

The other two seemed to walk so fast and turned into toddlers so quickly, I am so grateful that Harleigh waited a little bit longer for her first steps, even with all the comments from other people. She isn't a late walker, she is perfect! 

When did your child walk?

Nicola xX

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Will My Daughter Ever Walk?

Harleigh is just over 14.5 months old and she still haven’t taken her first steps. I love the fact that she is taking her time and I feel like I can really enjoy her baby days. For other people it seems the perfect opportunity to pass judgement or make a comment. 
Why isn’t she walking yet? What’s wrong with her? Well, when did your other two walk? Have you seen a doctor? Surely she should be walking by now as she has older siblings. 

She’s only 14.5 months! She will do it when she’s ready. She’s bares weight on her legs, cruises and walks with her walker. She’s fine. She’s just taking her time. Harleigh is careful and cautious. She will stand on the sofa, let go and balance on her own but won’t on the floor. She knows the sofa is soft and safe, the floor is harder if she falls.
Paige took her first steps at 9 months and was full on walking just as she turned 11months. Parker was very similar but full on walking just before his 1st birthday. 

So yes, it’s strange for me that she is taking more time but she’s happy crawling, cruising or pushing her walker. I’m not going to force her to walk, I can't and won't!

But I don’t see why other people have to make a judgement. Imagine if she was my first and I had no idea what was “normal” I would be freaking out thinking that something was wrong with her. There’s a huge range of “normal” when it comes to walking. Some children don’t even crawl, they just get up and walk. Harleigh has crawled since just turning 9 months old and pulled up at 9 months too. She wasn't exactly "late" doing those things and she isn't late now. She can get around really quickly and obviously doesn’t see any rush to walk and neither do I. 

Yes, she has two older siblings so people presume that she would want to run around after them but they do a lot for her, I wouldn't want to walk if I had two people bringing me all the toys I could ever wish for. I've had people saying that I should stop them from helping her, why on Earth would I stop them from helping their little sister?! No way am I going to stop them, they love her and want to bring her toys. 

The NHS says that if your child isn't walking by 18 months then to seek advice just to check that everything is as it should be, thats not saying that you need to panic if your 18 month isn't walking yet. 

I'm pretty confident that she will walk when she is ready, I don't think she has anything wrong with her so why should you?! 

All babies are different!

Nicola Xx
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