Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Harleigh - 15 Months Old

What a big month!! I always find that babies tend to do everything all at once. Between 14-15 months Harleigh has taken her first steps, learnt how to stand up without pulling up, learnt to wave properly and started talking more.

She took her first steps one week before turning 15 months old and can now do up to 12. She also learnt how to stand up without pulling up two days after her first steps. She is choosing to walk over crawling but isn't walking full time yet. When she waves now only her fingers move instead of her whole hand. She is also a lot more vocal, she has said bye whilst waving, hiya and narna for banana. 

She is also cutting her two top molars, they have both cut the outer half and we are waiting for the other halves to cut now. The bottom molars look very close too and are very swollen.

Her nap is ok, she is usually doing 1.5-2hrs but with teething it has been a bit disturbed. The same with her nighttime sleep, she usually sleeps 6:30pm-7am but we've had the odd wake up with her teething.

She is still having three bottles a day and still loving food. Bananas are very much still a huge favourite along with carrots, pasta and spaghetti.

She has so much personality and is so lovely to be around. She brings us all so much joy and happiness. She is such a lovely little girl and we couldn't love her more. She is so funny, caring and very loving, even at just 15 months old. She is really looking so big and grown up, a proper little toddler now!

Nicola Xx


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