Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Harleighs First Steps

If you've seen my post from last week you will remember that Harleigh wasn't walking... four days after that post she took her first steps! What are the chances of that?! 

So exactly one week before turning 15 months we got Harleighs first ever steps, which were two.

Two precious steps that made her grow up instantly.

Two precious steps that made us all scream and shout in delight.

Two precious steps that made her look so proud.

Two days later we had 7 steps and then 11! She had got it and was on a roll. She is doing really well and even picking to walk over crawl sometimes which is so lovely to see. She is getting very confident. She also learnt how to stand up in the middle of the room which she has worked on all week. 

I knew she would do it in her own time, she just needed a bit more confidence. 

It's still very new, very strange and exciting to see her walking, I still can't believe she is doing it. She isn't walking full time yet and I doubt she will for a good few weeks but we are all so excited for the next few weeks to see her develop and progress even more. 

The other two seemed to walk so fast and turned into toddlers so quickly, I am so grateful that Harleigh waited a little bit longer for her first steps, even with all the comments from other people. She isn't a late walker, she is perfect! 

When did your child walk?

Nicola xX


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