Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Will My Daughter Ever Walk?

Harleigh is just over 14.5 months old and she still haven’t taken her first steps. I love the fact that she is taking her time and I feel like I can really enjoy her baby days. For other people it seems the perfect opportunity to pass judgement or make a comment. 
Why isn’t she walking yet? What’s wrong with her? Well, when did your other two walk? Have you seen a doctor? Surely she should be walking by now as she has older siblings. 

She’s only 14.5 months! She will do it when she’s ready. She’s bares weight on her legs, cruises and walks with her walker. She’s fine. She’s just taking her time. Harleigh is careful and cautious. She will stand on the sofa, let go and balance on her own but won’t on the floor. She knows the sofa is soft and safe, the floor is harder if she falls.
Paige took her first steps at 9 months and was full on walking just as she turned 11months. Parker was very similar but full on walking just before his 1st birthday. 

So yes, it’s strange for me that she is taking more time but she’s happy crawling, cruising or pushing her walker. I’m not going to force her to walk, I can't and won't!

But I don’t see why other people have to make a judgement. Imagine if she was my first and I had no idea what was “normal” I would be freaking out thinking that something was wrong with her. There’s a huge range of “normal” when it comes to walking. Some children don’t even crawl, they just get up and walk. Harleigh has crawled since just turning 9 months old and pulled up at 9 months too. She wasn't exactly "late" doing those things and she isn't late now. She can get around really quickly and obviously doesn’t see any rush to walk and neither do I. 

Yes, she has two older siblings so people presume that she would want to run around after them but they do a lot for her, I wouldn't want to walk if I had two people bringing me all the toys I could ever wish for. I've had people saying that I should stop them from helping her, why on Earth would I stop them from helping their little sister?! No way am I going to stop them, they love her and want to bring her toys. 

The NHS says that if your child isn't walking by 18 months then to seek advice just to check that everything is as it should be, thats not saying that you need to panic if your 18 month isn't walking yet. 

I'm pretty confident that she will walk when she is ready, I don't think she has anything wrong with her so why should you?! 

All babies are different!

Nicola Xx


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