Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Harleigh - 16 Months Old

Not long after her first steps last month Harleigh started walking full time, she very very rarely crawls now and is getting more confident at walking outside. She even walked to pick Parker up from nursery. She also started walking backwards, it was so funny to watch how carefully she was doing it. She also loves

to climb, the stairs and on top of baskets/chairs. She's a little cheeky monkey!

She is such a sweet character though, she will constantly give kisses and wave at people. She is still obsessed with Millie, even more so now she can walk around after her. 

She doesn't talk a lot but has said "more" three times, she tends to say a word then not use it for a while then she will say it more. just like she did with mummy and daddy. She will also call Mark "dad".  she still hasn't said "bye" or "narna" again either.

She has all four of her 1 year molars now and it was terrible. She's had such a rough time with them. The first one cut over a month ago and still isn't fully cut now. The fourth cut this last weekend and is almost all through. She was really grumpy with them, had a fever of 38.8c and didn't sleep unless we were holding her. I'm really hoping we are over the worst. so she now has 11 teeth, we are still waiting for her bottom lateral incisor, just like Paige. She naps have also been terrible too.

She still loves her milk and food and bananas are still one of her favourite things ever. 

She also got a little hair cut this week and now has a little fringe, it's so cute! Her hair is getting so long and she even had a plait in it the other day. 

She is getting really good at following instructions, for example the other day I asked her to go get me her sock and bring it to me and she did. 

Only two more months until she is 1.5 years old. Its going so fast, too fast. 

Nicola Xx


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