Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Mother's Day 2018

In true Harleigh style she was awake for almost 2 hours at 4am on Mother’s Day. A great start to the day. I did manage to get back to bed but after an already rubbish nights sleep I didn’t feel too great waking up. 

The kids were so excited and I have no idea what was planned, if anything. I was greeted upon waking with cards and presents. The kids had made some lovely things at school and nursery and daddy had picked out some lovely things which included a giant bar of Galaxy chocolate, which is the best! After a much needed cuppa we all headed upstairs to get ready. It was my choice what we did so I picked the seaside. We haven’t been in so long and we all love it. 

We got to Blackpool around 10:45am and headed straight for the arcades. I won a Minnie Mouse teddy and the kids had so much fun on the machines. We then headed to the beach and had a lovely walk looking at shells and going under the pier. Harleigh loved walking around with Paige and Parker. She kept shouting at them if they got to far away. 

We then had some chips and went for a walk along the promenade before heading back to the arcades and then to get doughnuts.

We headed home and daddy cooked a lovely dinner, a lovely end to an amazing day. Mother's Day can be really hard for some people and I totally understand that but it is lovely to have a day just to make you feel a little bit special.

Did you have a lovely day?

Nicola xx


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