Thursday, 15 March 2018

Siblings - March 2018

I can not wait for spring to come, to be outside more and have loads of adventures with our three. Harleigh is now walking everywhere, including outside. It is so lovely to see the kids relationship developing even more as she is more and more able to do the same things they can.

I have loved taking pictures of them all together, Its so nice to have Harleigh walking. The first picture is from a birthday party they were all invited to, they all had so much fun and loved getting a little bit dressed up.

On Mother's Day we went to the seaside and the rest of the pictures are from there. They had so much fun running around on the beach together. They all absolutely loved it. Harleigh would shout if Paige and Parker got too far away from her, it was so cute.

I can't wait for some nicer weather and more adventures together. I still find it so amazing seeing all three of them together.

Nicola xX
The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


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