Thursday, 8 March 2018

Snow In March

The snow last week really messed things up. Just for added comedy value our boiler also broke the same day we got the heavy snow. 

I walked in from picking Parker up from nursery and saw the ceiling dripping with water, just what we needed with 8-10 inches of snow!!! Paige got sent home early from school which in itself was a huge nightmare. As well as pushing the pram in all that snow.

So then we had a leaking ceiling, wet stairs carpet and three kiddos at home. Paige was so upset that school has to close. She said she loved school more than home, thanks kiddo! I am so glad she loves school though. The snow also meant postponing world book day, cancelling rainbows and postponing Paige's school trip to a wild life park. 

It took a week for the boiler guy to get to us. During that time we lost heating and hot water twice, whilst it was -5 outside! We have a bowl under the boiler that needs emptying throughout the night unless it overflows and comes through the ceiling again. The kids also had hand, foot and mouth so the little two were barely sleeping. there were nights when them alone would be up 10 plus times each, add into that the fact we having to keep empty the bowl and it was a nightmare. Once whilst emptying the bowl mark accidentally woke harleigh up, it took her two hours to fall back asleep.

The snow wasn't all that bad, we had so much fun. We only went out in it twice because it was just too cold. When we did go out we had snowball fights and built a snowman, the kids loved it. 

I am very much looking forward to spring now, some sunshine, warmer weather and most importantly no snow!

Nicola xx


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