Thursday, 3 May 2018

Top Five Money Saving Tips

Having three children isn't cheap and we try our best to make our money go as far as possible. For some things this isn't always possible but we've picked up a few tips and tricks on the way and I wanted to share them. 

1) Meal Plan - We always meal plan. Each week I take the time to think about the week coming up and what we will have for meals. I then make a shopping list so that we have everything we need to make those meals. When we do our shopping I then stick to the shopping list as much as possible, of course I also add in essential items. I use a planner for my meal plans and to keep me organised which helps a lot. I often hear people say they find it hard to stick to meal plans, what we do is pick 7 meals for the week but don't assign each meal a day. Every morning we then pick from the list of what we would like to eat that evening. 

2) Buy bulk - Things that won't spoil buy in bulk, it might cost a lot initially but overall you will save money. We bulk buy things like washing powder, toilet roll, baby wipes. You just need somewhere to store them. You can also look for deals on baby items. The supermarkets usually have great deals in baby events every few months.

3) Sale shopping - Something else we try to do is shop in the sales. Babies and children grow so quickly, if you have the space it's great to buy the size up in the sales and then store them for when they are needed. that way you also have the next size ready for when the growth spurt happens. You can always use sites like Groupon to save extra money on clothing too. They have some great deals, you can even save money on your favourite Joules clothing. 

4) Compare - Its also a good idea to check your bills and see if you can save anything there. Compare your electricity prices and tv packages to see if you are really getting the best deal. 

5) Selling items - Sell items you don't use. Toys that aren't played with, clothes you never wear or don't fit. I love using Shpock and its really handy to have the app right on my phone.

Sometimes no matter how careful you are or how much you plan somethings can't be helped and for those things sometimes a payday loan could help you get through the month.

Do you have anymore tips and tricks?

Nicola xx


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