Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Cabin Beds For Kids

My big kids both love their bedroom. It's their space where they can do whatever they like, within reason. They can hide under the covers reading books or dress up as Superman or a fairy princess. They love to go up there and play with toys and sometimes hide from Harleigh. 

At almost six and four they are old enough that I can trust them to play nicely and not make too much mess! They get along really well and can tidy up after themselves.  They do both share a room so space might be an issue in the future. Paige is currently in a single bed and Parker in a toddler/cotbed. When Harleigh is a little older she will be moving into the room to share with Paige and Parker will be in a room on his own. As space will be limited in both rooms a solution we are looking into and starting to research now is cabin beds.

Cabin beds can be great additions to any room. They can provide extra storage and add fun elements into the room. I love the idea of having the extra storage, some come with draws, shelves or even space underneath to play. At the moment Paige is dying for a desk, she wants to be exactly like me. Some cabin beds have them built in! She would love it. 

As Parker is that little bit younger he wouldn’t really need a desk but a cabin bed with a slide would be his dream, I bet Paige would find it fun too! 

They come in all different sizes, shapes and designs and would be able to fit in with other furniture without a problem. Bed Kingdom have a lovely range of kids cabin beds for children of all ages and the prices are great too! 

For me the storage elements are a big enough plus that I am already leaning towards them and the kids won't be switching rooms for another year or so. 

Do your children have cabin beds? I'd love to hear how you feel about them.

Nicola Xx

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