Thursday, 19 April 2018

Harleigh - 17 Months Old

just one month until Harleigh is 18 months old, 1.5 years old! How is that even possible?! Harleigh is running everywhere, its so cute to see her little legs going so quickly. She is really confident at walking outside now and loves it. Her feet are currently a size 3 but she will be moving up to a 4 really, really soon. 

She is still super cheeky but very sweet. She has cut her lateral incisor we were waiting for and all four molars are fully through so she now has 12 teeth. Her sleep is still very up and down. She either sleeps through or is up for 3 hours straight during the night. Safe to say we are exhausted, she is going through a leap so i think thats whats causing the issues.

She still doesn't really talk much. She will occasionally say mama, daddy and hiya but thats about it. I'm not worried. She understands us so well. I can ask her to get things for me and she will. The other day I asked her to get me the rubbish (it was a crisp packet but i wanted to see if she would understand rubbish and she did) in the other room and bring it to me and she did. 

Her hair is getting so long and growing so quickly. She is trying to dress herself and will try putting socks on or tops on but doesn't quite do it yet. She is really good at using a spoon and fork. She loves kicking a ball and playing with toys and teddy bears.

She is still eating quite well and still having her milk. Shes so good and we are so lucky. She is just getting so big so, so quickly. 

Nicola Xx


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