Monday, 16 April 2018

Siblings - April 2018

The children have loved April and the Easter holidays, we have too. Its so nice to spend some time together without school or nursery runs getting in the way. 

They are loving that Harleigh is properly walking. It means that she can really play and join in so much more. I've taken so many pictures of them all together it was really hard to pick only a few. I love taking pictures of them all together in the holidays. I feel like during term time i hardly ever get pictures of them as a three.

This first picture means so much. When we announced I was pregnant with Harls it was a very quick and unplanned decision. I was only 9 weeks pregnant. I'd just come out of hospital and was still very sick. We decided it was time to tell the world. We didn't have time for a fancy video or even a picture so I looked on my phone and found a cute picture of Paige and Parker walking hand in hand in the park. It was taken a few days before. I simply added a few words and that was our announcement. I love that we got to recreate the picture but with Harleigh in the mix.

These pictures were taken in the garden. We've only had a couple of days where the sun has shone so we've had to make the most of them. They've loved playing in the garden together, digging in the mud and jumping on the trampoline. 

I can not wait for some better weather and to get out and about with them all and their daddy. I'm excited to see them exploring new places together. 

Nicola Xx
The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


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