Saturday, 12 May 2018

Bank Holiday - May 2018

Its almost a week later and i still don't think I'm over the bank holiday, I want another one. It was so perfect I'm in denial that it ended. The weather was amazing, the kids were lovely and we just had such a lovely weekend. 

On Saturday I escaped into town on my own, child free for a couple of hours. That hasn't happened in so, so long. It was lovely to be able to walk around the shops on my own, to not rush and to just enjoy the experience. In the afternoon we played in the garden, ate ice creams and just had a wonderful time together.

On Sunday the weather was even better. In the morning we sorted out the garden, or tried. We got a huge chunk done but we still have a big chunk left to do. I was super impressed with what we got done though. After that we enjoy enjoyed the garden. The kids had there sand and water table out, the slide and other garden toys. We had family over later on in the day for a BBQ and family games in the garden. It was another super simple but wonderful day. 

On Monday we drove up to my mums, she lives a couple of hours away. They did a pool for the kids but because it was so big they couldn't heat it up enough so it was freezing and the dog ended up going in instead! We had lunch in the garden and some lovely family time.

I love that the weather was actually nice for one, that we were able to enjoy the garden and just spend time together with family. 

I can't wait for the next bank holiday! Did you do anything fun over the bank holiday weekend?

Nicola Xx


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