Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Harleigh - 18 Months Old

1.5 years old, how is that possible?! Wasn't she just born?!

At 18 months old she is now in size 4 shoes and some 12-18m clothes and some 18-24 month clothes.  The 12-18m is getting short in the legs and arms though! She still has 12 teeth with two others very close to cutting through the gum.

She still isn't talking loads but like I said in my last update she understands so much so we aren't worried. She seems to talk a lot more for daddy than me. She did say Peppa at the weekend, maybe an early addiction is starting!! Although she's never really watched tv. She never really says her previous words narna, bye, hi and a few others and usually sticks to mama and daddy/dada.

She is still really good at eating and still has milk two or three times a day. I'm not fussed that she still has milk, she is still eating well so it doesn't effect that.

Her personality is amazing, she is such a little character. She is so smiley, so friendly and so cheeky. She adores Paige and Parker.

Her sleep is very up and down, she will sometimes sleep through to 7am, sometimes shes up at 5:30am and the rest of the time she can be up twice a night. Its mainly effected by teething now. The same with her naps, she will usually sleep for 2 hours between 1-3pm but if she is teething that really interrupts it. She does have a hard time with teething. She seems to struggle for weeks and week before a tooth finally cuts. She is the worst teether out of the three and we really do know when shes in pain.

I love doing her monthly pictures and for special ones like a birthday or half birthday i love putting the kids in special clothes. I adore this zebra dress for Harleighs pictures this month. When she turns two I would love to get her some extra special prom dresses for kids, we did the same for Paige when it was her birthday and i've still got the dresses today! Only 6 months to go until Harleigh is two! 

We can't imagine what life would be like without Harleigh and I can't wait to see the little girl that she will turn into but it is very bittersweet watching her grow up so quickly.

Nicola Xx


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