Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Siblings - May 2018

We've finally had some nice sunny weather. It so lovely to watch the kids playing outside properly together. We've had some lovely days together in the garden, with family and out for adventures together too. 

This month has been all about matching. Paige absolutely loves matching clothes with Harleigh. Parker would too but its so hard to find matching items for them all. He still loves joining in with pictures though!

Paige and Parker are really loving school and nursery. They are loving getting outside together and going on family adventures. We can't wait to do more.

Paige is 6 in a matter of days and Harleigh will turn 1.5 on the same day too. Then next month Parker is 3. I feel like they are all growing up so quickly and time is just flying by. I still love watching their relationship. I always get asked if they get along and they really do. They are siblings though so sometimes they do fight but they are very rare and usually they love spending time with each other. They love the fact that Harleigh is walking and running along, although she isn't as fast as them yet. 

I feel so lucky to have these three. They are everything we could of hoped for and more.

Nicola Xx
The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. It's so lovely that they like to match each other, and they look adorable doing so! I hope Paige has a lovely birthday x

  2. I've always matched my girls and my boys... so cute! My girls are 6 and 5 now and still love to match! I'm not sure how many years I've got left of this fun little phase though! Enjoy it while it lasts! Gorgeous pics of your little brood!

  3. Love the matching, my girls love it too right now and sometimes I actually have to persuade them out of it! Although I do secretly love it as I know it will not last forever!

  4. That's so sweet the girls like twinning. They do look like great friends. We're finding 6 to be such a great age, so many questions and the funniest conversations. Enjoy all the birthday preparations x


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