Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Tomorrow You Are SIX!

I can't believe that Paige is SIX tomorrow. Six is so big, too big!

She is growing up every day and she is so excited. Why don't they stay little long?! I feel like i blinked and she's suddenly so big. I wish we could go back and just relive each moment over again.

She is doing so well at school and will be going into year 2 in September. She loves school and is really happy there. She loves all subjects and loves learning. I hope she keeps that as she grows even older. She loves art and maths the most and when she grows up she wants to be teacher.

Her speech is amazing now and you wouldn't even think that she had speech therapy last year. We are just so proud of how well she is doing and couldn't hope for anything more. 

She is the best big sister to Parker and Harleigh. She adores them and they adore her so much. 

I just can't figure out how she is six years old tomorrow. It doesn't seem that long ago since she was first the squishy newborn that we nervously brought home from the hospital. She has grown and changed so much in that time and we couldn't be prouder. 

Nicola Xx


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