Thursday, 24 May 2018

When You’re Gone – What Legacy Will You Leave Behind?

Have you ever stopped and wondered what would you be remembered for, if anything, if you were gone tomorrow? What legacy would you leave behind? Is it the one you would like or memories that you feel wouldn’t do you justice?
Life is short, far too short. One day you are revising for exams in school that you are told will shape your entire life and the next you are watching the world pass you by with nothing more than memories to look back on. That might seem a little on the dark side, but it’s true, and the only thing that truly lasts forever is your mark on the world and those around you.

To The World You Are One Person, but to One Person You Might be The World
Never underestimate the lasting effect that one good deed can have on someone. To you, it may just be a throwaway piece of generosity, but to someone who is stuck in a rut it could just be the lifeline they so badly needed. You might just save a life.
Kindness costs nothing but means absolutely everything. You will never truly know of the effects of what you say or do to someone. You aren’t present as they wipe away the tears at night, you know nothing of their silent suffering and you certainly don’t know a thing about what they are going through.

Leaving Something Behind
The best legacy that anyone can leave behind is to give something that will continue to benefit others for many years afterwards. This is very much the ideology of Sadaqah Jariyah in Muslim culture, where donations are made with that act of charity continuing to make the lives of others better long after you are gone. You can read some more information on the practice here:

Education is possibly the most precious and important thing that you can give to another person. Teaching children provides them with the knowledge to form their own informed opinions, one day making their own mark on the world as you are today. What greater legacy can one person leave behind than teaching the leaders of tomorrow, ensuring that our world is left in capable hands?

Active in the Community
How active are you in your local community? Do you consider your neighbours to be friends or are you the sort to keep the curtains closed and remain silent when you hear a knock at the door? Sadly, most of us fall into the latter category. When you consider that society, for the most part, would much rather escape to their own world with earphones in than talk to the person they try so hard to avoid any awkward eye contact.
You don’t have to know everyone’s business to be an active member of your community, and neither should you. Volunteering your time for good causes, such as helping out at a community centre, local sports club or anywhere else that could benefit from an extra pair of hands. The difference that your efforts could make would be remembered for a long time after.

If Nothing Else, Just be Happy
Sometimes, just being happy is the best legacy that anyone can hope to leave behind. A smile is infectious and laughter more so. Bringing joy into someone else’s life is a grossly underrated concept, especially in the present day.
Remaining positive and upbeat often rubs off on those around you, generating a positive and welcoming atmosphere for all to enjoy.
So, what will you be remembered for? It’s not too late to make sure that you are remembered for the reasons you want to be.

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