Saturday, 23 June 2018

The Surprising Healing Power of Garnet

The birthstone for January is Garnet and it is commonly believed to bring love and luck into a person’s life.

This is of course great news for people who have this as their birthstone but what about people who are in a relationship with someone who has Garnet as their birthstone?

The surprising truth that most people completely fail to realise is that Garnet is such an incredibly powerful birthstone that it radiates positive light energy not just to the person who wears it as their birthstone, but also to those closest to that person.

This is completely unique in the world of Crystals and stones.

This will come as a near total surprise to most people. Even those who claim to be knowledgeable about such things.

How to Use Garnet 
Garnet can be worn as jewellery and most famously was worn by Kate Middleton before she married Prince William. 

Wearing Garnet as a ring or set in a necklace will maximise its potential for radiating healing energies to both the person wearing the piece and also to those nearest and dearest to the person too.

It is often said that as well as creating positive energies in relation to health and wellness, Garnet also has other important properties which bring positive energies to a person.

Other Benefits
These additional benefits include increasing the sense of loyalty that people feel towards the person wearing the Garnet. This can be and has been used many times for people going through a rocky patch in a relationship, often to great effect.

Garnet has also long been associated with the arrival of new beginnings in a person’s life. This can be the arrival of new love in terms of relationships or even the arrival of a new child in the family circle. It is widely considered to be good luck to make sure that Garnet is always somewhere close by when someone new enters your life.

My Final Thoughts 
This truly is a powerful birthstone so if you are born in January I highly recommend that you take some time to investigate Garnet and see if you can get some to add to your collection. 

Remember it will not just be you that benefits from it’s positive energies so use this as an excuse if you need to convince a doubting boyfriend or husband of the need to get a beautiful new piece of jewellery!


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