Friday, 20 July 2018

Siblings - July 2018

Yet another month is gone. I’m excited for School to finish and the holidays to start. I think the kids bond so well during the summer and I just love having them all at home, even if it’s hard work some days. 

Last summer they all had chicken pox and we couldn’t do anything so I’m hoping this summer we might be able to get out and about a little more. 

Harleigh was only 8/9 months last summer and wasn’t waking yet so this summer will be much more fun in terms of what they can actually do together and how they can play. I’m hoping for some lovely day trips out, time in the garden and visits to the park. We aren’t going on holiday as we went last month but we will still have loads of fun!! 

In July we've had some lovely days out and some amazing lazy days. We went to the beach and picking strawberries. Mark also had an operation so the month was very up and down but everything went well and he is on his way to fully recovering and is now back at work. 

The kids loved having him at home and loved the couple of fun days we had before his operation. they are so excited about the summer holidays but also can't wait for September to come.

Nicola Xx

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