Friday, 31 August 2018

Me and Mine - August 2018

Another month is gone. This was a very special month for us, we announced baby #4

In March we will be a six, we are so excited and can't wait.

This month also sees the end of the summer holidays coming, it's gone so fast. I almost feel like I've missed a week or two, I don't know how. Paige starts year 2 in a matter of days and Parker will start reception in mid September. They are so excited and I am too. I am ready for some routine and structure, even though i'm sure in a few weeks I will be moaning about the early morning rush.

We've had some lovely days out this month and also had some family from down south come to visit which was nice. Paige came to the 12 week scan with me which made her whole summer, she loved the whole thing!

I am so excited for the what is next to come but also a little sad that I won't have the big two at home as much. Me and Harleigh will both miss them. 

Nicola Xx

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Thursday, 23 August 2018

Our Day at Thomas Land

The other weekend we headed off to Thomas Land. The kids were super excited and so were me and Mark. We had a 2.5 hour drive and hit a lot of traffic near the end but we arrived very excited at around 11am. We parked up and headed in. 

First up we had to collect our tickets. We didn't have any problems getting them, we also got given a little map too which came in very handy. Next stop was the toilet after our long drive, only 3 of the ladies toilets were working so the queue was very long. We eventually got inside the park at 11:30am. 

We headed straight for a PJ Masks meet and greet. Parker and Paige both love PJ Masks. Drayton Manor have a few of these special events happening so we were very lucky that the day we went it was PJ Masks. They came out on stage and started taking pictures. The queue was very, very long, we decided not to wait and headed straight for the rides in Thomas Land. 

The thing that appealed to us the most in Thomas Land was that a lot of the rides the kids could ride themselves. The one Parker was most excited about was Flynn's Fire Rescue. We queued for 40 minutes before they got on. The big two both went on together and loved it. 

After the queue and ride we were all hungry so took an early break for lunch. We went to the chicken diner and lunch for 2 adult meals and 2 kids meals was £33. A bit much in my eyes but you did get big portions of the chips. We didn't love it but it did the job. We also took a picnic but decided to save that for in the car on the journey home. 

There is also a zoo inside Drayton Manon which we loved. It was really good and the kids loved it, we didn't see all the animals but you can't predict when they will be out. We did see monkeys, reptiles, a red panda, birds, meerkats. There was also a lovely play area but it was packed. The kids did enjoy the dinosaur trail. In the zoo there is a train ride to take you back to Thomas Land, we waited 40 minutes and the ride was barely 5 minutes long. It was nice to do but we wouldn't do it again. 

Around 3pm the queues died down a little and wait times were between 20 minutes for more adventurous rides and 5 minutes for the slower rides. We didn't mind the 20 minute wait but it was rough with three kids and waiting in line for 40 minutes. It was the summer holidays but I imagine it gets quite busy on a normal weekend too as it seemed very popular. 

We caught the end of the fat controller show with singing and dancing which was nice and entertaining. Some of the rides were pregnancy safe too so I could enjoy them with the kids too and children under 90cm could also ride them, with an adult. As well as the rides there were also arcades type game stalls that you had to pay extra for, most were £5 with the chance of winning a teddy. There was also an actual arcade which you'd find at the seaside. 

The nappy changing facilities were good and clean but it was a shame that all the toilets weren't working, especially as it was during the busy summer holidays. They also had lockers which you could rent to store extra things in you didn't want to carry around, very handy!

Overall we had a nice day, very tiring with lots of standing and walking but it was fun. I would recommend Thomas Land to others, just maybe try pick a quieter day or prepare for long waiting times. It was clean, the staff were lovely and the selection of rides for little ones was great!

Have you visited?

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - We were provided with tickets for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Siblings - August 2018

The summer holidays are in full swing, the kids have loved it. This month we've had a lovely mix of lazy days and full on busy days. I don't like to pack the summer holidays with loads and loads of activities each day. Mainly because I feel like the kids need a break, and I do too.

I think the kids favourite day out so far was Drayton Manor and Thomas Land. They had so much fun, we all did! Thats where our pictures this month are from.

Nicola xx
The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Harleigh - 20 Months

Harleigh still has 14 teeth with two others coming very soon, she just always takes a while to get her teeth. This is making her sleep very up and down, some days she sleeps through and others she is up a few times. 

Still is still eating well, just like her big brother and sister. She can sign more, eat, all done, yummy, milk and thank you. I need to teach her a few more as she picks up on them really well. She still isn't saying anymore words so maybe speech therapy is on the cards.

Her favourite toys are babies and changing their nappies or pushing them in a pram. She loves them so much and will kiss their heads and rock them, it's so stinking cute!

A short and sweet update this month as I am very late. She is over 20.5 months now.

Nicola xx

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Me and Mine - July 2018

Another late post, thanks to the school holidays and lazy me. July went so quickly, i can hardly believe it. It flew by with finishing school and the summer holidays starting. I hope that August doesn't go as fast but it doesn't seem to be slowing down. 

Our very last minute pictures this month, on the sofa after daddy finished work. I must admit i've been a little rubbish at taking pictures these summer holidays. I just don't find myself reaching for my phone or camera, which is lovely because it means i'm in the moment and enjoying it but just not capturing that. 

All the kids seem so grown up this month. Its like the holiday's are transforming then and i don't like it. 

We have some really fun things planned for August and I can't wait to share them. We aren't doing much in holidays during the weeks because Mark is working but we have some pretty busy weekends coming up. Mark is feeling better after his operation and can do a little more now so we are taking advantage during the weekends. 

Nicola xx
The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful
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