Thursday, 9 August 2018

Harleigh - 20 Months

Harleigh still has 14 teeth with two others coming very soon, she just always takes a while to get her teeth. This is making her sleep very up and down, some days she sleeps through and others she is up a few times. 

Still is still eating well, just like her big brother and sister. She can sign more, eat, all done, yummy, milk and thank you. I need to teach her a few more as she picks up on them really well. She still isn't saying anymore words so maybe speech therapy is on the cards.

Her favourite toys are babies and changing their nappies or pushing them in a pram. She loves them so much and will kiss their heads and rock them, it's so stinking cute!

A short and sweet update this month as I am very late. She is over 20.5 months now.

Nicola xx


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