Friday, 28 September 2018

15 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #4

This week baby is looking more and more baby like. the ears are now in their correct position and the eyes are very close to their final position too. Baby is spending their day practising breathing, sucking and moving around. they are around 10.1cm from crown to rump.

This week I had another midwife appointment. To be honest I feel like the 16 week appointment is a little pointless. Usually they just take your blood pressure and test your urine, and not much else. With Harleigh they told me they couldn't listen to the heartbeat anymore, as this was a different midwife i thought i would try my luck and ask. Lucky for me she agreed, she said she couldn't do it unless I asked and because I asked she was more than happy to have a go. After a while she found it, for around 5 seconds and then baby moved. The little monkey.
I had a little bit of nausea this week, more movements and some constipation. My skin is still really bad and its starting to really get me down. I hope it clears up soon. 

Nicola xx

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Harleigh - 22 Months

Only two more months until you are TWO! I can't quite get my head around just how big you are getting. It's going by so quickly.

Most of the time you still seem so little, i think it's because you still aren't talking much. You are trying to say more words but most of the time they don't turn out right but at least you are trying! You have said some new words this month though.

You remind us and everyone else so much of Paige the more you get older. You are just a smaller version of her, as she was huge. You are in 18-24m clothes and even wear some 2-3 leggings. I dropped your morning bottle because you weren't eating your breakfast so now you just have milk before bed. You love snacks and food in general. 

You are a joy to be around and such a lovely little girl.

Nicola Xx

Monday, 24 September 2018

14 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #4

After what feels like forever I am in the second trimester. 

This week the baby is growing hair! Lanugo is growing on the baby to keep he/she nice and warm. Hair is also growing on the head and eyebrows too. The roof of babies mouth is forming and the intestines are producing meconium. The baby is around 8.7cm from crown to rump. 

Im still suffering with nausea, it isn't as bad as in the first trimester but it is still there. I was sick at 14+6 which is the first time in over 3 weeks. I am also having such crazy vivid dreams, so much so that it feels like i'm hardly sleeping. I am really tired this week, I'm not sleeping too great and the kids were up a few times each night which i think played a big part to my tiredness and sickness. I am really emotional again too. I am still feeling movements every day. My skin is still pretty awful, my shoulders, back and forehead. 

Nicola Xx

Friday, 21 September 2018

The First Trimester - 9 - 13 Weeks Pregnant Baby #4

Again my symptoms stayed fairly regular during the second half of the first trimester and very similar to the first half.

9 Weeks
Bloating, tired, nausea at times and sore breasts. My nausea started to ease off a little, of course this freaked me out. 

10 Weeks
I was hit with bad nausea again after a little break during week 9. I was also sick twice this week which was worse than other weeks at 10 week exactly and 10+4. I was super tired still and just felt generally awful. I did have an early scan at this point which I will be doing a full post about very soon. 

11 Weeks
We announced. We were going to wait until our 12 week scan but as we'd already had a scan we decided to announce earlier. Again this week i suffered with nausea, i was emotional, I was still tired but not exhausted where i felt like i could barely move off the sofa. I was sick once at 11+4, that seemed to be a theme! I also think my belly popped a little this week.

12 Weeks
I finally felt baby move at 12+1! i was so excited and we also had our scan that day too. My placenta is anterior which I thought might be the case as i felt harleigh at 11 weeks. I had some good and bad days, i still had nausea and had to eat little and often. 

13 Weeks
More movements, I had a bad week for headaches this week and more nausea. My skin was still awful on my shoulders and back. 

My symptoms started to ease off again around 12 weeks which was nice. I managed to survive the first trimester without HG and was over the moon. I started drinking the odd cup of tea and eating bits of chocolate at 12 weeks too. I still can't eat ham in a sandwich on its own and I'm too scared to try garlic bread.

Nicola xx

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Siblings - September 2018

Another month and this month I can finally talk about how there will soon be FOUR!! Just after last months post we announced that baby number 4 will be joining us in March, we are so excited and so are the kids.

It only seemed fitting that one of this months sibling pictures should include all four. We tried our best, Harleigh wouldn't cooperate at all. I hope its easier when baby arrives to get a cute picture of all four!

This month was also a big month because Parker started school. I can't believe we now have two in the same school, it's so crazy! They are loving seeing each other at play time and lunch time though. I love knowing that Paige will look out for Parker. And how proud does Harleigh look?!

Nicola Xx

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Viability Scan with Window To The Womb

Early pregnancy can be a very scary time. You typically don't get your first scan until 12 weeks. It's so long to wait, especially if you aren't feeling great or have no symptoms at all.

Window to the Womb offer private ultrasounds. They have a wide range of packages and the one I went with was a viability scan at 10 weeks. You can have the scan from as early as 6 weeks pregnant, that could be just 2 weeks after your positive test. The scans are provided by firstscan at window to the womb clinics.

The heart of the scans is all about the well being of mum and of baby. The viability scan is designed to give you the earliest confirmation of a viable pregnancy. They check for a viable pregnancy, visualise heartbeat and also complete a diagnostic report all in a safe, warm environment. They also provide internal scans if they are needed.

It felt like a really long wait to reach 10 weeks but we did it and the day came to get my scan. I was very nervous and just wanted everything to be ok. Mark and I arrived to the Leeds clinic and were greeted by the lovely staff. I was given a form to fill out that needed general health information plus dates of my last period and first positive pregnancy test. There were snacks and drinks available to purchase and a lovely waiting area for us to sit.

Once in the scanning room we were made to feel very welcome and at ease. It can be such an anxious time. The monitors were turned off whilst our lovely sonographer checked on baby, once she saw baby and a heartbeat the monitors were turned on and it was our turn to take that first precious look at our baby.

We had a lovely check of baby, saw the heartbeat, cord and yolk sac. The head and features were pointed out too which was lovely. Any questions I had were answered straight away. My ovaries were also checked and everything looked perfect. 

The scan lasted around 10 minutes and then we went back into the waiting room for our report and picture. We really felt cared for and everyone made the whole experience so special. I would highly recommend an early scan, for piece of mind and reassurance.  

Have you ever had an early scan in pregnancy?

Nicola xx

*Disclaimer - I was provided with a complimentary scan for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The First Trimester - 4 - 8 Weeks Pregnant Baby #4

I'm going to do all my first trimester updates in two blog posts, mainly to catch up quicker and because this time my symptoms were very similar each and every week. 

4 Weeks
I had six positive tests over the week. I also had a lot of symptoms. These included nausea, bleeding gums, hungry, extra tired, emotional, bloated, stuffy nose and swollen breasts. The nausea was starting to get pretty bad already. 

5 Weeks
My symptoms were very similar to week 4. I was exhausted, sill had nausea, started breaking out in spots on my back, some hot flushes, so bloated, headaches, swollen breasts. 

6 Weeks
Nausea, heartburn, still spotty, bloated, trapped wind, swollen breasts, tired. Again very similar to week 5. craving crisps, pizza and big macs.

7 Weeks
Exhausted, very drained, bloated, nausea. I was sick for the first time in week 7 at 7+4. I couldn't stand the smell of marks coffee.

8 Weeks
Bloated, backache, tired, can only eat little amounts, nausea very really bad, went off garlic bread and I was sick once again at 8+4. Still breaking out, mostly on my body. I had my first midwife appointment and everything went well.

During these weeks I basically spent all day feeling sick, trying to eat little and often but not wanting to eat. I went off tea, chocolate, garlic bread, ham and anything too dry. I was really worried at HG early on, I've suffering really badly in the past and wondered how I'd cope but I was very thankful to have what seemed like normal morning sickness and that i was only sick twice, even if I did have the constant nausea.

Nicola Xx

Friday, 14 September 2018

Finding Out For A Fourth Time

Today is June 27th, We've just come back off holiday and had Parkers 4th birthday. We have just found out I'm pregnant.

It was such a shock, I mean we were trying but never in our wildest dreams did we think it would happen straight away but here we are. We are so thankful. 

We know what it's like to try for a long time, Paige took 16 long months. We are so thankful it happened so easily. 

I had so many symptoms, just like with Harleigh but i didn't think it could be possible. My first arrived at just 2 dpo. The headaches started, then some cramps and fuller breasts. The nausea started around 6 dpo then backache, bleeding gums, dizziness, stuffy nose and bloating. I then had about 3 days of cramping, i thought for sure that af was coming but it didn't. 

I took a test at 12 dpo and it was negative. I decided it was all in my head and left it. But another two days went by and the symptoms weren't going away so i did another test. Half way through the test i started to get really angry, I couldn't understand why i was having all these signs and symptoms and the tests weren't picking it up, then the faintest line appeared. 

I cried. 

I search for the test from 2 days ago and sure enough there was an even fainter line!!

We were PREGNANT!!

Monday, 3 September 2018

Harleigh - 21 Months

These months keep passing quicker than i can keep up. This past month Harleigh got another two teeth so she now has 16, all that are left are her four, two year molars. I am not looking forward to those coming. 

Her sleep is still so up and down, she has such a hard time settling at night. I did change her nap time to a little earlier and that seems to have helped a little bit so I'm hoping it will get better and better, especially before the baby comes. Her eating was very up and down too, i'm guessing because of her teeth.

She has learnt a lot this month. She learnt how to sign please and started putting 2-3 signs together, for example she signed more please. She has also said hello and all gone. I am really hoping that she continues to start talking more, we seem to have made a little progress this month and i really hope that it continues. 

She is still as cheeky as ever and has such a big personality. 

Nicola xx

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