Friday, 28 September 2018

15 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #4

This week baby is looking more and more baby like. the ears are now in their correct position and the eyes are very close to their final position too. Baby is spending their day practising breathing, sucking and moving around. they are around 10.1cm from crown to rump.

This week I had another midwife appointment. To be honest I feel like the 16 week appointment is a little pointless. Usually they just take your blood pressure and test your urine, and not much else. With Harleigh they told me they couldn't listen to the heartbeat anymore, as this was a different midwife i thought i would try my luck and ask. Lucky for me she agreed, she said she couldn't do it unless I asked and because I asked she was more than happy to have a go. After a while she found it, for around 5 seconds and then baby moved. The little monkey.
I had a little bit of nausea this week, more movements and some constipation. My skin is still really bad and its starting to really get me down. I hope it clears up soon. 

Nicola xx


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