Monday, 3 September 2018

Harleigh - 21 Months

These months keep passing quicker than i can keep up. This past month Harleigh got another two teeth so she now has 16, all that are left are her four, two year molars. I am not looking forward to those coming. 

Her sleep is still so up and down, she has such a hard time settling at night. I did change her nap time to a little earlier and that seems to have helped a little bit so I'm hoping it will get better and better, especially before the baby comes. Her eating was very up and down too, i'm guessing because of her teeth.

She has learnt a lot this month. She learnt how to sign please and started putting 2-3 signs together, for example she signed more please. She has also said hello and all gone. I am really hoping that she continues to start talking more, we seem to have made a little progress this month and i really hope that it continues. 

She is still as cheeky as ever and has such a big personality. 

Nicola xx


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