Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The First Trimester - 4 - 8 Weeks Pregnant Baby #4

I'm going to do all my first trimester updates in two blog posts, mainly to catch up quicker and because this time my symptoms were very similar each and every week. 

4 Weeks
I had six positive tests over the week. I also had a lot of symptoms. These included nausea, bleeding gums, hungry, extra tired, emotional, bloated, stuffy nose and swollen breasts. The nausea was starting to get pretty bad already. 

5 Weeks
My symptoms were very similar to week 4. I was exhausted, sill had nausea, started breaking out in spots on my back, some hot flushes, so bloated, headaches, swollen breasts. 

6 Weeks
Nausea, heartburn, still spotty, bloated, trapped wind, swollen breasts, tired. Again very similar to week 5. craving crisps, pizza and big macs.

7 Weeks
Exhausted, very drained, bloated, nausea. I was sick for the first time in week 7 at 7+4. I couldn't stand the smell of marks coffee.

8 Weeks
Bloated, backache, tired, can only eat little amounts, nausea very really bad, went off garlic bread and I was sick once again at 8+4. Still breaking out, mostly on my body. I had my first midwife appointment and everything went well.

During these weeks I basically spent all day feeling sick, trying to eat little and often but not wanting to eat. I went off tea, chocolate, garlic bread, ham and anything too dry. I was really worried at HG early on, I've suffering really badly in the past and wondered how I'd cope but I was very thankful to have what seemed like normal morning sickness and that i was only sick twice, even if I did have the constant nausea.

Nicola Xx


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